Can we really get through 1000 books?

Yes. It’s easier than you think. If you start early enough:

  • You have 5 years or more to get through the program.

  • That breaks down to just 3-4 books per week.

Even if you only have a year left before kindergarten, you can still do it.

  • All it takes 3 books a day.

  • That sounds like a lot. But the average picture book takes about 5 minutes to read.

  • That means you can still accomplish your goal in just 15 minutes a day!

Do we have to use library books?

No. Any book counts.

Can we count the books we read for the summer reading program?

Absolutely! Double dipping may be a “no-no” when it comes to chips. But it’s not a problem in this case. So feel free to count any books you read for both programs.

What if someone else reads to my child (e.g. brother, sister, babysitter, grandma, or grandpa)?

It all counts.

What about the books in storytime?

They count too!

Can we participate in 1000 Books at more than one library?

All of the Arrowhead libraries are working together. So technically there is only one 1000 Books program. That means you can sign up and turn your reading sheets in at any of the Arrowhead libraries. But you won’t be able to sign up multiple times. When you sign up at one library, you’re signing up at all of the libraries.

My child is in 4K. Can he/she still participate?

Yes. The cutoff is kindergarten – not 4K.

My child will be entering kindergarten soon. Is he/she too old to start?

A child can start any time before they begin kindergarten. Depending on how close your child is, you may have to adjust your goals. No matter when you start, though, you can likely accomplish more than you think. See FAQ: “Can we really get through 1000 Books?”

My child likes to read the same book over and over. Can we count that book more than once?

Yes. Kids learn through repetition. So they still benefit even if they’ve read the book before.

Can we listen to audiobooks?

Certainly. Audiobooks are a great way for kids to “read with their ears”.

We sometimes read books on the computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone. Is that OK?

Yes. We don’t want you to neglect print books. But any book counts, no matter whether it’s digital or print.

I have a question about the app.

Check out the Bridges Library System’s FAQ page.